Interior Design Hawaii Inspired Color Scheme at CIH Design

There is no question about it that Hawaii is unique and beautiful. Not only do each of the eight islands have their own flair, each one has a different color to represent it as well. This inspires the interior design color schemes for decoration and designing in Hawaii. These are as follows:

Hawaii – Red
Kahoolawe – Gray
Kauai – Purple
Lanai – Orange
Maui – Pink
Molokai – Green
Niihau – White
Oahu – Yellow

Taking cues from nature creates the ideal interior design for your living or working space. 


How Colors Affect Mood and Your Interior Design Choices 
Whether you consciously notice the colors of your surroundings, they affect you just the same. For example, take the color red of Hawaii. This could be the right choice for your office if you want to feel continually energized. On the other hand, a serene color such as the green associated with Molokai may be something you want to come home to after a long and stressful day at work.

If you’re not certain of the prominent colors you want in your environment, spend some time in nature. Which colors speak calm to you? How about excitement, energy, or love? You should pay attention because this is your intuition telling you what you need. With the assistance of CIH Design, you can create an environment that inspires you to be who you want to be every day.

Create Your Ideal Interior Design Scheme Today 
At CIH Designs, we are inspired by nature and intrigued by travel. That is clearly evident in the work we produce for our clients. We invite you to view our work to see for yourself. The next step is to schedule a consultation so we can learn more about your unique vision. You don’t have to live on the Hawaiian islands to incorporate its colors and mood into your space. We will work with you every step of the way, from the initial design concept to procurement, installation, and more.