Interior Design Inspiration From Travel | Home Decorators at CIH Design

Whether you have traveled minimally or extensively, within the United States or globally, your experiences affect your interior design tastes.  Shelly Dávid and her team understand this and bring their passion for interior design into creating the living or working space of your dreams. Recurrent global travelers, they attribute their extensive wanderlust to the  fresh, original and multi-culturally layered designs they infuse into each and every project.

Suppose that you frequently travel to China for business and have fallen in love with the Zen style of decorating a home. Whether it’s the floating bamboo ceiling you appreciate, the chiseled stoned, reed-like wallpaper, or a combination of all of these, you can re-create the tranquility of a Zen living space with the help of our interior designers.

Perhaps you took a trip to Italy and wish to bring the influence of modern and simple geometric lines and timeless elegance into your home.  The luxury brands of Fendi Casa, Fortuny, Armani, Hermès La Maison or Versace define sophistication, prestige and a craftsmanship that is steeped in attention to detail.

Once you have a vision in mind, or perhaps you would like assistance in shaping your vision,  CIH Design will create photorealistic renderings of your design scheme. From there, we handle the all logistics of your project from procurement and purchasing to overseeing the installation.

Curious about how to get started?  Contact Shelly Dávid today.