Charming in its various incarnations, the holiday season is full of festive grandeur, decadent baked goods, family gatherings, and most importantly, stunning interiors. Whether you are a surrounded by a snowy winter wonderland or enjoying the tropical climate, I want you to be able to celebrate this season in beauty and elegance.  As a home decorator who understands the significance of travel and nature in design, I want to share with you my holiday interior design guide to help you achieve that one-of-a-kind luxurious holiday home that you’ve always wanted!

Follow A Color Palette That Speaks To You
Whether you are in love with the more traditional jewel tones or would prefer to deck your home out in a Scandinavian, wintery color scheme, following a specific color palette is a great way to maintain cohesiveness and flow for your holiday design. Don’t feel limited to classic holiday colors. Choose colors that you gravitate towards to really bring a unique touch to your decor. Kick up the drama factor in the room by incorporating different textures with your color selections. Velvet or a fun global material like kilim is perfect for giving your home a unique holiday style that is so “you”.

Go Organic

If you know anything about me, you know how much I am inspired by nature. Keeping with my affinity for the natural environment, I always incorporate Mother Nature in my design. That is why I love that the holiday season is the optimal time to bring the outdoors in. Interspersing natural elements with holiday decor not only highlights the natural beauty of greenery, but also gives your home a heavenly smell. When incorporating botanicals in your design, use your climate to your benefit. Take advantage of the abundance of pine trees and holly around you if you are so lucky to be in the thick of it. If you are an island dweller, decorate with palm leaves to give your home a unique tropical feel. Whatever lovely greens you choose, you will have your festive decor oozing opulence and freshness.

Bring Your Table To Life 

When it comes to deciding on your table setting, it is all about establishing the perfect balance between aesthetic and accessibility to create the ultimate entertaining space. Choose your favorite luxury material for a table runner to spruce up your tabletop. Deck out your dining space with elegant, rich, and natural arrangements and centerpieces to complete the look. When decorating, make sure to treat your dining ware as decor. To add elegance and charm to your dining experience, dress up your table with festive crystalware, like my favorite Versace Medusa Lumiere Red Wine Glasses and Decanter, to balance classic style and bold influence. What surrounds your table is equally as important as what is on it. Subtle intricacies like a Persian rug from your recent trip overseas or a bold art centerpiece give your dining room a global one-of-a-kind, holiday look without distracting too much from the seasonal theme.

Make Your Mantel The Focal Point

Mantelpieces are great for creating an environment with distinctive style and irresistible charm. Incorporating natural elements with materials like gold, copper, silver, or ceramic will add a much needed dose of richness to your space. Give your mantelpiece a decadent finish with a couple Harrods Fluffy Fur stockings to give the room a necessary pop of festive red hue and a luxurious pure fur texture. If fur isn’t quite your look, opt for an embellished stocking like the Kim Seybert Trevi stocking for an opulent effect.

Incorporate Scent

Atmosphere is everything when it comes to the holiday season. Warm your room with your favorite festive scent to complete the sensory experience of your home. If you’re still searching for the right scent for your space, Jo Malone’s Holiday Collection has some of my absolute favorites! Not only do they smell amazing, they also double as a stylish addition to any room. Frosted Cherry and Clove, Orange Bitters, and Pine & Eucalyptus and are among some of my faves!

Don’t Neglect Your Shelves

Although they tend to be overlooked, shelves are the optimal location for creating your very own wintery vignette. Stuck deciding what to put on your shelf? Pair your favorite holiday trinkets with a stack of beautiful festive books or cozy pillows. Pick pieces that emulate the holiday spirit while still remaining elegant. For a bit more of a unique look, add travel pieces to your holiday display to way give your home a high-end global flair.

No matter what your design style, I wish you a very “Happy Holidays”!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more design inspiration.